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Pioneering Next-generation Immune Cell-based Vaccines

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About Us

IDenTT Bio stands at the forefront of biotechnological advancements, leveraging the potential of dendritic cells as a foundational platform for biological vaccines aimed at combating cancer and viral infections.

Our team boasts profound expertise in process development, underpinned by an intricate understanding of industrial solutions tailored for dendritic cell-derived products.

About Us

AutoVac Program

Introducing a state-of-the-art, first-of-its-kind, autologous dendritic cell-based pan-antigenic vaccine platform. This robust system is meticulously designed for swift approval for clinical utilization, addressing current challenges like SARS-CoV-2 variants, as well as potential future pandemics.

Our cell-based vaccine is poised to induce robust, comprehensive, and enduring anti-viral immune responses, catalyzing a potent cellular reaction. There's potential for this vaccine to be administered as a singular lifetime dose.

The envisaged target demographic for these innovative products will initially prioritize frontline responders, including medical professionals, military personnel, and rescue teams.

MDVAC - Pan-Antigenic Therapeutic
Cancer Vaccine Platform:

We introduce a pan-antigenic cancer vaccine that promotes multiple immune responses, enhancing T cell training.

This new approach has shown improved efficacy both in the lab (in-vitro) and in live studies (in-vivo) compared to traditional cancer vaccines that use random cancer antigens from lysates.

By optimizing antigen presentation and T cell activation, our vaccine improves tumor detection and reduces the chances of immune system evasion.


Indication ARC platform

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